The Hell You Know

from by A Violet Sun

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The Hell You Know

Once I played a fool who acts on nothing
From my couch I screamed my point of view
Followed my dreams only when sleeping 
Then I placed the blame on you 
Took a shot of fear with lies I chased it 
Circles round' my own race track 
Criss-crossed threads weave loops of friction 
It tied this thought 

"Boy, I know"

Once I played a clown with belittled humor 
I can't face my enemies  
Took a drag of something on a sunrise 
Watched the ground crawl under me
One motion fixed fear and emotion 
"You'd be blind to see" 
Now I understand just how life caves in 
It danced with me 

"I know, I know, I know, I know 
The hell you know"

Once I played a man who I'm still playing
Who do you think you're lying to? 
A fear of love making you unhappy? 
Are you providing your worth too? 
Below the oceans above the skyline 
Or someone to come home to?
Music, junkie a ballerina 
All in time.  

"I know, I know, I know, I know 
The hell you know" 

Once I played a game and it almost claimed me
"Wander far inside our minds"
Are we one thought that tangles matter? 
"Dancing in eternity"
Have you flown with birds over all the roof tops? 
Maybe just the land and sea 
Is there a god who waits in heaven,
or is hell internally? 

"Boy, I know"
Have you flown with birds over all the rooftops?
The hell you know
"Boy, I know"
Is there a god who waits in heaven?
The hell you know


from A Violet Sun, released July 28, 2015
Produced by Jay Valdez
Lyrics by Jay Valdez, Music by A Violet Sun.
2007-2015 all rights reserved ©



all rights reserved


A Violet Sun Anaheim, California

Good pop requires a fine balance of catchy melodies with intriguing chord progressions and rhythmic dynamics. The guys in A Violet Sun, a pop-alternative rock band from Anaheim, California, seem to have an innate understanding of this concept.

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